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Which One Is The Most Expensive Computer In The World?

Have you looked at anything concerning the most costly computer before? What configuration to the computer do you think is perfect? Obviously, you must be packed with curiosity regarding the most expensive computer, in comparison to HP g60 batteries. Here in this short article, let's figure it out clearly at the internet store of DEll, Sony, Apple using the principle that the very best, but for your most expensive.

Do you think that how much money to get a computer means expensive, ten thousand dollar, 20,000, one hundred thousand dollar? Absolutely no, the reply is no expensive, only higher priced.

Like the Nokia Vertu mobile devices, laptops can also be made like a luxury. Here below why don't we to review two sort of luxury notebooks with the alarming price. It also refresh the people's a sense value.

The diamonds notebook with cost of 35 million dollars

Tulip-ego has announced the launch of diamonds laptop with tariff of ??? 283,000. The laptop provides you with 80 carats of diamonds on the all over the place side of white gold panel. At the same time, it's also used of African spot horse skin largely around the laptop, much like ppp009l ac adapter. The expense of such diamond notebook computer lauched by Tulip-ego company is about 35 million U.S. dollars.

The diamond laptop comes with AMD Turion 64 mobile processor, 1MB secondary cache, chipset with ATI Radeon Xpress 200, integrated graphics core; along with the Memory is 1GB SO-DIMM PC3200 DDR RAM, 12.1 widescreen WXGA monitor with a resolution of 1280??800, hard disk capacity of 100GB, Optional DVD RW burner, integrated LED camera, integrated wireless network, support 802.111a/b/g wireless network. The standby duration of the notebook's battery is about 4 hours.

The diamonds notebook with the value of several million dollars

UK Luvaglio company introduced an entirely pure handmade laptop with the tariff of a lot more than 100 billion dollar, our planet's most high-priced laptop. It is worth mentioning that different things from the majority of the luxury products is in the notebook isn't only used the greatest grade of materials, but in addition adopt bali furniture (go now) the most expensive cutting-edge technology rolling around in its internal applications.

The shell of such notebook is made from such three kinds of material??? marble, leather and natural wood, along with multiple teams of expensive metal and diamond diamonds or precious stones. Now it is very difficult to purchase such sort of computer from Luvaglio company. First you should contact with all the company, after which it is going to look at the identity in the buyer in addition to their financial capacity.

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