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6 Tips And Tricks Could Certainly Try Out On Your Android (ICS) Devices

A few of the some of the tips and tricks which all the Customers out there can use on their Android devices.

Face Unlock - add extra faces

I am certain that you possess some is important the Face Unlock feature of the ICS; you can unlock your devices by way of scanning facial area using entry camera. This is the great feature which means that your Android phone/tablet remains secure although. But just imagine what will happen if you forgot to shave habitual or let's say you got a new hair cut or coiffure? In such scenario, the device won't recognize facial area isn't information technology?

Well, it's not necessary to worry since the ICS has the capacity to store multiple images of the face. Attention to ? you are capable of is, click your pictures in different looks such as - sporting a French cut or perhaps a goatee, spikes or fishtail braid, fringes or anything under sunlight. Additionally, you can also come with a friend on the "visually verified user list" so that you can take their help to unlock gadget.

Keep track of your data usage

Monitor information usage and curb extra charges by using some actions. First of all, open the Settings choice. After doing so, tap on 'Data Usage' and proceed decide on 'Set mobile data limit'. You will see a red and a green sliding bar; set the red bar setting your data usage and use the green one to set a warning zone in order to get a stern reminder when are usually nearing information limit.

Record videos and take snaps simultaneously

The brand new camera app for Android devices will help you take still photos as you are recording videos. All you need to do is tap the screen and photographs is saved to the device's photo gallery on its own. What's even better reality all the snaps are taken in full resolution.

Easily close the apps

Now specialists . close your apps effortlessly on our Android ICS devices simply with a swipe of the finger. Just go to the 'Recent Apps' button discover the applications which you currently using only. Tap the icon of the app you in order to be close and swipe the icon trip screen and your app will closed inevitably. Easy isn't it?

Control background processes

Often, multiple apps running in the history can drain out your smartphone's or tablet's battery. Although, there are debates over this topic, it 's better to stay on the safer side and stop the device from storing too many apps in its memory. A duration of time, should come understand whether not really this helped you in saving the life of the battery of your device.

Do away with the lock screen

Yes, you'll be able to show the lock screen of your Android ICS device the entrance. This is due to that you can make the phone turn instantly on by pressing the power button. Evidently this makes your phone a wee bit less secure than the devices of your friends, family and colleagues, it is good option if you want instant in order to your device anywhere, while. Just go to Security and select Screen lock and tap 'None.'

To conclude, I hope if you own an Android device, you will endeavor out certainly some, if not all tips and tricks cited above and benefit in a way from these folks.

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