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Continue Free! 10 Large Hard Disk Data Recovery Software Recommended

usb backup devicesThe computer loses its response, which is often caused by a fault. Then the need for a tool to more accurately diagnose what happened to the hard disk; in most cases the hard disk failure is not a physical or non-fatal, easy to use the method can be repaired; In addition, hard disk repair and data recovery Engineers also need a tool to make a preliminary diagnosis and repair of a failed hard disk.

Hard disk data recovery software can help us to restore the deleted, formatted, partitioned, re-zoning or partition prompt formatted data, so that the existence of document loss to a minimum. And some powerful and powerful hard disk data recovery software is mostly need to pay to be used. This issue of software weekly, we have collected some useful and free hard disk data recovery and digital photo recovery software, to share free soup ~


DiskGenius maybe we are not very familiar with it, its predecessor is DiskMan (which knows it). After the renamed, the volume becomes larger (the original hundreds of K, now into a few M), the interface has changed, the function of course, become more and more strong, but mainly for the disk partition. Click here to download DiskGenius u0026 nbsp;

Through the DiskGenius scan, you can clearly see their own partition, including the number of partitions (including the general file manager can not see the hidden partition, unallocated disk space, etc.), partition format (FAT, NTFS, etc.), each specific The division of the sector, capacity and so on.


You can delete the file you do not fall back (no matter how to backup your computer to a flash drive long), of course, the premise of the disk of this sector has not been repeatedly written to the data or not using some of the file permanently deleted tool crushed off. Click here to download Recuva u0026 nbsp;

In addition to the local disk, it also supports external storage, such as ,, and so on, the disk format includes FAT12, FAT16, FAT32, NTFS file system, for the normal, fully enough.

3.GGhost a key recovery

GGhost One key recovery integrates the advantages of five well-known tools, including grub2, grub4dos, pqdi (version 5.7), Ghost (version 11.0) and tidos. Many names believe that we are very familiar with, do not know if it does not matter, does not affect the use. Click here to download GGhost a key to restore

The first feeling to use GGhost is super simple, because it basically does not need to manually operate what, the only place I have to choose the backup file to save the path, the rest are automatically carried out (including backup and recovery are the same process) The

GGhost support different partition mode, the most mainstream is the FAT32 and NTFS mode, and even hidden partition, there is no relationship; of course, if your PC hung a number of hard drives, there is no problem.


FreeUndelete is a special software used to restore the file was mistakenly deleted, completely free. Need to use the NTFS file partition, FreeUndelete does not support Microsoft's early FAT, FAT32 partition. Need to restore the file partition can not be written, so do not install FreeUndelete to restore the partition, that is to say if you want to restore the file in the D drive, you can install FreeUndelete under the C drive. Click here to download FreeUndelete

The software is simple to use, if you are mistakenly deleted files in the D drive, then select the D drive, and then press the 'Scan' key to scan, scan after the end of the scan you will find the file was deleted, select the File, and then select the path to restore the file (Undelete selectd), note that the path to be restored with the original path of the file is not the same drive, and finally press the 'Undelete' button to restore the file.

5. small sentinel a key recovery

Sentinel A key recovery is a fool-style system backup and recovery tool. It is safe, fast, strong confidentiality, high compression rate, good compatibility and other characteristics, the original common file transfer technology, especially for novice and worry about the use of trouble people, the software provides DOS and windows environment of the two environments, Design professional, easy to operate, fully support Windows7 and Vista system. Click here to download a small sentinel to restore a key

6.Windows7 a key recovery

Windows 7 key recovery is a tailor-made for Windows 7 system backup and recovery tools, it is based on ghost (v11.02) and grub4dos system backup and restore tools, with good compatibility and ease of use. The default backup of the current system disk to the specified disk GGHO directory, the image file name SYS.GGH. Click here to download Windows7 a key recovery


HDDScan is a free program running on Win2k / xp, its interface and function are very similar to MHDD, not only for ATA / SATA / SCSI interface to diagnose, but also support RAID array, USB / Firewire (1394) interface Hard disk, Flash card and other storage devices.

Main features: Scanning the disk surface, clearing, viewing SMART properties, running SMART Selftest tests, adjusting AAM (noise management), APM (management), and other parameters of the hard disk. Click here to download HDDScan

8. Super emergency disk 

If your system completely collapses (want not to happen, sympathize with those who occur), if you can not enter Windows, or even use the Windows installation disk can not start and reinstall the system, then your last hope may be in it Body - super emergency disk (click here to download super emergency disk).

It is a DOS system, and comes with the DOS under the 'first aid' tool, but its installation environment is Windows system. After installation, you can make some basic settings for the program, such as setting the password, set the boot mode and mode.

9.Smart Image Recovery (Digital Photo Recovery) 

Like to bring digital equipment out of friends, have encountered such a situation: photos taken after the spread, but found that the file was damaged? Or delete a photo accidentally choose the wrong and delete the whole? Then you need a photo data recovery software.

Smart Image Recovery is a free image recovery tool that can restore images that have been deleted from any storage device for the restoration of JPG, Gif, PNG images in three formats. Click here to download Smart Image Recovery

10.C-Photo Recovery 

C-Photo Recovery is also a photo recovery tool, the software is designed to help restore lost or deleted photos, the software interface is simple, functional distribution is clear, easy to use.

C-Photo Recovery can help restore deleted photos and images, as well as recover digital formatted and damaged digital photos from various types of memory cards, USB storage and. Like a picture of a friend may wish to try Click here to download C-Photo Recovery

to sum up

Although these smart data recovery software to help us back up and restore, but do not use the process to develop software to help restore the habit of reducing the system or file. In the usual use of the computer process, remember to protect the hard drive, as far as possible to extend the service life:

1, in the use of the hard disk can not be random bumps, collisions and hard drives, can not often power;

2, use and other necessary security tools to avoid being destroyed by the virus data;

3, the winter is extremely low temperature and summer high temperature, be sure to open the air / heating or to make the computer work in a good environment, extreme weather even if you will not immediately damage your hard drive or other hardware, will greatly shorten its life.

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