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What Are The Data Lines?

move old files softwareThe data line is used to connect the mobile device and the computer's line source for the purpose of data communication. Popular point that is connected to the computer used to send bell files and other documents access tool. Now with the rapid development of the electronics industry, the data line has become an indispensable part of our lives. The

What are the data lines?

Data lines according to the function of the Internet line; brush machine line; synchronization line; charging line; multi-function line.

1, the Internet: only for GPRS or CDMA 1X Internet. Typical models: V730 series; V688 series; PHS series.

2, brush machine line: can only be used to upgrade the brush machine. Typical model: BenQ S700; upgrade unlock line pass.

3, the synchronization line: used to transmit the phone book; picture ringtones; SMS; multimedia information, of course, part of the two-way transmission, part only supports one-way transmission. Such data lines are more common.

4, charging line: the general is the Internet cable or synchronous line plus a USB charging function, more practical and convenient, Internet and mass SMS essential function. Can also be broken down into a charged and charged switch with two, the former plug on a charge, which has a small switch, you can control whether the charge. Of course, with the highest level of charge switch, the price is more expensive.

5, multi-function line: at the same time support the Internet, synchronization, brush, charging and other 2 or 2 or more features to remind: we buy the data line is certainly the more the better function, rather expensive, so equal to first-line multi-purpose.

What are the video lines? Video line interface

HDMI cable

HDMI High Definition Multimedia Interface (High Definition Multimedia Interface) is a fully digital image and audio transmission interface, can transmit uncompressed audio signals and video signals. HDMI can be used for set-top boxes, DVD players, personal computers, video games, integrated amplifiers, digital audio and TV. HDMI can simultaneously transmit audio and video signals, because the audio and video signals using the same cable, greatly simplifying the system installation.

HDMI interface with the same DVI is the use of all-digital signal transmission, but the difference is, HDMI interface can not only provide all-digital video signal, but also can transmit audio at the same time. It seems to have returned to the wired RF interface, just the same is that the use of all-digital signal transmission does not like the RF as video and audio interference caused by poor quality of the situation. The benefits of using HDMI is only need a HDMI cable, you can simultaneously send audio and video signals, rather than now need a number of wire to connect. At the same time, due to the number of wireless, analog or analog, digital conversion, can achieve higher audio and video transmission quality.

AV line

AV cable is the home audio cable (Audio Cable) and video cable (Video Cable) for short. Whether it is audio cable or video cable, can effectively exclude the external electromagnetic interference, and can be authentic transmission of a high-quality signal line. This is one of the oldest video lines that transmit analog video signals, both at the end of the lotus head (RCA head), with DVD players and televisions.

AV interface: AV interface in the TV and DVD connection in the use of a wide, is one of the necessary interface for each TV. Decoration generally do not need to cloth this line. AV interface is currently some car GPS devices, through their own to carry the sound, video terminals, connected to the AV line to their own data image sounds, etc., output to other display and audio-visual equipment, such as an external monitor or headphones, the main interface AV composite Terminal, S-VIDEO terminal, headphone jack, etc. It can be regarded as TV's improved interface, the appearance has been very different. Divided into three lines, namely: audio interface (red and white lines, composed of left and right channels) and video interface (yellow). Since the AV output is still a video signal in which the luminance and chroma are mixed, the display device is still required to perform luminance and color separation, and the decoding can be imaged. This approach will inevitably lead to loss of quality, so the AV interface picture quality is still not satisfactory. In the connection is very simple, just three colors of the AV line and the TV side of the three colors of the interface can be connected. Overall, the AV interface to achieve the audio and video separation and transmission, in terms of imaging can avoid audio and video interference caused by the decline in quality. AV interface in the TV and DVD connection in the use of a wide, is one of the necessary interface for each TV.

S terminal line

A few years ago than the AV line quality better video line, the interface is round, similar to the PS2 mouse head. Generally speaking, this interface in the DVD, PS2, XBOX, NGC and other video and game devices widely used, S-terminal signal transmission is no longer mixed with the output of chroma and brightness, but the separation of the signal transmission, so called it As 'two component video interface'.

S terminal usually has a five-core interface, composed of two video brightness signals, two video chrominance signals and one way to the public shield ground wire composed of five core (in fact, with its matching brightness, color separator). It is not difficult to see from its structure, it is used to separate the brightness and color of the output device.

Color line

Oxygen-free copper color line, better than the S-terminal line quality video cable, transmission of analog signals, should now be the best analog video cable, the new DVD machine, high-end TV, and home projector will be with This interface.

Component interface This interface in the DVD, PS2, XBOX, NGC and other video and game equipment can be used, the quality side to be stronger than the S terminal. Color is divided into progressive and interlaced display, in general, the component interface will have a few letters above to represent the line and interlaced. YCbCr said that the interlaced, with YPbPr is progressive, if the TV only YCbCr component terminals, then the TV can not support the progressive component, and with YPbPr component terminals, then it shows the support line and interlaced two kinds of components The

VGA line

VGA cable is also an analog signal video cable, the most common in the computer, the signal and color lines compared to different, but with the increase in the amount of video data, such as the future to transmit 1920X1080P video signal, then the color line redundancy Larger, more than 1600X1200 resolution, VGA line quality slightly longer, longer length will lead to snow. Home Theater Why should we mention the VGA cable? That is because HTPC into the home theater, all the projectors have a VGA interface. HD vga line HD vga line.

VGA interface, also known as (S-Dub), which is derived from the computer's input interface, because the CRT monitor can not directly accept the input of digital signals, so the graphics can only take the analog signal input display way to get the screen. And VGA is the analog signal transmission to the monitor interface. VGA interface above a total of 15 pin empty, divided into three rows, each row of five. VGA interface is the most widely used on the graphics interface type, the vast majority of graphics cards are equipped with such an interface.

Can the VGA interface of the LCD TV be a monitor? VGA interface is the graphics card output analog signal interface, VGA (Video Graphics Array) interface, also known as D-Sub interface. Although the liquid crystal display can directly receive digital signals, but many low-end products in order to match the VGA interface graphics card, which uses VGA interface. VGA interface is a D-type interface, a total of 15 above the needle empty, divided into three rows, each row of five. VGA interface is the most widely used on the graphics interface type, the vast majority of graphics cards are equipped with such an interface. Want to use the computer to connect the TV, buy a LCD monitor with the VGA cable, you have to adjust the computer's resolution, the computer screen can be displayed on the TV.

DVI cable

DVI cable full name Digital Visual Interface, the latest digital video cable, DVI interface and VGA are the most commonly used computer interface, and VGA is different, DVI is an all-digital transmission interface, so in quality to ensure that no Compressed transmission.

(DVI-D), 24 + 5 (DVI-I), DVI-I supports simultaneous transmission of digital (DVI-D) and analog signals (VGA signal) , In general, HTPC graphics card is generally DVI-I interface, and the LCD monitor, the projector is DVI-D interface. DVI-I interface, although compatible with DVI-D interface, but the DVI-I plug can not plug DVI- D interface, why? More than four needles. But we still have a way to use a DVI-I to DVI-D converter.

Where is the audio line?

Speaker line for connecting the amplifier and speakers, which flow the current signal is much larger than the video cable and audio lines, because the signal amplitude is very large, this line is often no shield, for this wire, the key is to reduce Its resistance, because the output power of the modern amplifier is very low, so the requirements of the speaker line also increased, such as the use of large cross-sectional area or stranded strand. Wire from the pure copper to the silver line are more expensive price of a speaker line for the oxygen-free copper speaker dedicated line, its main feature is good electrical conductivity, low resistivity, the use of it in the replay sound when the sound is not increased less. According to the classification of home speakers, divided into home theater speakers (usually 6) and HIFI music speakers (two), generally known as fever speakers. HIFI speakers for high-fidelity sound recording sound field, so the audio signal transmission must be sufficient to protect. The general transmission line on the different frequency signals have different impedance, this feature in the sound reduction on the performance of the sound blurred, for which people produce a smart signal line called high-end speaker cable, the characteristics of this line Is the signal according to the frequency level is divided into two channels, a certain thickness of the outer line through the 5KHZ above the signal, 5KHZ below the signal through the inner layer of the transmission, which greatly improved the frequency characteristics of the transmission line, so that the playback Sound clear and transparent. But the price is also very expensive, the above-mentioned audio lines of those brands, but also most of the production of fever speaker wire.

The input and output ports of the speaker interface are divided into two types of analog and digital ports. What type of audio jacks are selected when purchasing an audio interface, first of all need to consider a matching problem. If the device connected to the audio interface is analog port, then you should select the analog jack audio interface. If the digital interface is connected to the audio interface, it is best to use the audio interface of the digital port. This form of matching is very important, some users currently use the digital mixer, but for their own computer audio workstation to select the analog port of the audio interface, so not only in the system to increase the number / analog and die / The number of conversions, so that the signal in the transmission process to receive unnecessary losses, and too much use of analog audio lines (especially these analog audio lines and then wrapped together), will also interfere with each other sync folders between usb and pc the cable, resulting in noise The

Audio line: a set of audio lines are often two, divided into two channels, the ends of the line are Lotus head (RCA head). Audio cable in the wiring when the basic need to consider, because the audio equipment and power amplifier often put together, these lines are very short, the latter configuration can be.

Coaxial line: used to transmit multi-channel signal (Dolby AC-3 or DTS signal), and audio lines similar to the large number of signals, connectors and lines are more than ordinary audio cable, generally used to connect DVD player and Amplifier.

Fiber optic cable: also used to transmit multi-channel signal (Dolby AC-3 or DTS signal), used to connect the DVD player and amplifier.

Microphone cable: A two-core coaxial cable for connecting the amplifier and microphone. At present, the rise of wireless microphones, if not for special consideration, wiring can not be considered, after the wireless microphone application will certainly be more and more widely.

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