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How To Sync Movie Videos To IOS Devices Such As IPhone / IPad

For the general fruit powder, iPhone, iPad is very useful in the entertainment, the Internet, listening to music, watching movies, one is indispensable, but although the iPhone, iPad is known for easy to use, iTune is known and complex, especially Novice, today we look at the most basic tutorial, how to sync movies to iOS devices.


Download the latest version of iTunes

An iOS device, iOS 5 or more best

A data line

Download the iPhone or iPad support format movies, these movies are divided into two, one is mp4 and other iOS devices to support the format, the other is the default iOS device does not support the format, such as mkv, rmvb and the like.

If it is mp4 and other iOS devices to support the format:

1. Open iTunes, in the menu u0026 mdash; u0026 gt; [file] select the file to add to the database

Select the movie you want to sync to add to the library

3. After the addition, in the database will appear just select the movie, if not appear, then the film format is not iPhone support, you can convert through some format conversion tool to support the iPhone format:

4. Connect the iPhone to your computer with a data cable. ITunes will recognize your device and click on your device.

Click the sync between pc and laptop button in the bottom right corner to start syncing:

After the synchronization is complete, open the device's video application, you can see the movie has been synchronized:

Finished finishing, iPhone to enjoy the video bar, pay attention to see, of course, to support the subtitles.

If the iOS device does not support the default format, you need to install additional movie playback software, such as RushPlayer, AcePlayer and other software, and then through such as Wifi, data lines to synchronize the film to the software, the following RushPlayer as an example:

Open iTunes, connect the device to the computer with the USB cable, select RushPlayer, click the Add button in the document:

Select the video you want to play:


In the device to open RushPlayer, play can:

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