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Braun OA Collaborative Office System v2.0

software duplicate file finderBraun OA collaborative office system is a kind of enterprise internal communication as the basis, organizational structure as the core, integration workflow, administrative office, personnel finance and other multi-sector office support program in one of the enterprise office automation software.

To help the majority of small and medium enterprises in the development of information technology, Braun introduced a completely duplicate file finder free version of 2.0, for the daily office of enterprises to provide a package of solutions.

Braun OA is entirely based on Microsoft. NET technology development, can be very convenient in the use of WINDOWS platform server installation and deployment; in the client, users only need to use the browser to fully functional, truly cross-platform.

Braun OA to meet all the internal and external communication needs, to achieve a diversified business instant messaging model to help enterprises solve the high cost of information technology, communication is difficult, difficult management, collaboration is difficult, increasingly serious information and other issues.

Braun OA allows you to respond to customer needs and feedback in a timely manner to help these industries collect, accumulate customer information, but also real-time monitoring, statistics of the data for these industries to provide effective data based on decision-making.

Personal office

Full-featured mail message function, flexible work plan, intimate service reminder service

Administrative affairs

Meeting management, vehicle management, item delivery, announcement notice.

Departmental affairs

Departmental schedule collaborative management, project plan flexible control, departmental resources fine management.

Human Resources

Easy to get personnel files, pay and benefits, the establishment of enterprise talent pool, providing a multi-dimensional talent rating system.


Based on Microsoft's latest silver technology design workflow editor, flexible custom form and workflow.

customer relations

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