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Repeat The File To Find The King Green Crack Download Repeat The File To Find The King 2017 Latest Version Download V1.9

Repeat the file to find the king is a computer-side repeat file search assistant software, this software can quickly find the computer-side file name, suffix the same or different files, and also support the same MD5 test value of the file, like this section Repeat the file to find Wang Green crack version of the friends welcome to download use!

1, free version to cancel the trial version can only view the first 10 groups of duplicate file restrictions, and now you can see all the duplicate file group !!!

2, in order to help us to better develop the follow-up version, ask you every time after the start of the software, the use of the main functions, have to go to the well-known domestic software registration site 'Gemini Sharing Software Registry' to get a free Use the verification code, may cause some inconvenience to you, but also please you Haihan !!! Since then, as long as the program is not closed, you can no longer be any interference with the use of the software function.

3, free version can not use 'copy' to repeat the file and 'export' duplicate file function. The paid version will have this feature after registration.

We provide seven matching methods, which we call 7 layers of matching accuracy, which are:

Layer 1, the same file name, file extension can be different

Layer 2, the same file name, file extension must also be the same

Layer 3, the same double file remover name, file suffix the same, the file size must also be the same

Layer 4, the same size of the file, CRC checksum must also be the same

Layer 5, the same file name, the same file size, CRC check value must also be the same

On the 6th floor, the MD5 checksum of the file must be the same

Layer 7, file name is the same, the file MD5 check value must be the same

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