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Mobile QQ On. There Is An Address Book Backup Function. Does It Usually Allocate The Address Book To Where?

1, in the contact tab to find the first 'Contacts' button, click to enter.

2, mobile phone QQ has no mobile phone verification, you will be prompted to verify the phone, enter your phone number click next step.

3, the phone number does not necessarily require you to log in the QQ number, has been bound to jump directly to step 6.

4, Tencent official will give you a mobile phone to send a verification SMS! Enter the verification code for the message box and continue to the next step.

5, QQ prompts the software will visit your address book, the main consideration of privacy issues, direct point can be good.

6, agree with the software to access the address book, qq will read your address book, and backup and recovery options.

7, click on the option to enter the next step, in this step appeared best sync backup software free, backup click on the first backup button! The Backup Encryption Prompt dialog box appears.

8, click on the 'backup address book' button, have used QQ synchronization assistant, you need to verify the second, enter the QQ synchronization assistant password can be.

9, click the authentication button, backup start, progress bar to 100% backup automatically completed, the duration is based on the size of the address book data to determine the length of time, the backup is complete.

Backup the buckle server

New version 5.0 has been canceled

lz with the computer version of the application treasure backup address book

Hit the pc-side application Po - connect the phone - follow the prompts to play usb debugging

Install drive - connection work

Toolbox to find data backup click

Freely choose to back up the content backup path

Restore the original information

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