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How To Use The Data Cable To The Video On The Phone To The Computer

You can phone management software PC side, to manage the transfer phone to view the video file:

(A) Apple phone can not directly read the data inside the phone, you must install iTunes on your computer, through iTunes this software to synchronize files.

On the use of iTunes skills and methods, you can learn more in Baidu experience:

(B) Andrews mobile phone through Baidu mobile assistant, 360 mobile assistant and other such software, to directly access the phone data. To 360 mobile assistant, for example, the specific use of the following methods:

(1) open the Android phone 'USB debugging' and 'install the unknown source application' two options, open the way to see the following Baidu experience:

'Andrews phone how to open the USB debugging' - http: //

'Android phone settings allow installation of applications from unknown sources' -

(2) phone through the best free usb sync software data cable directly connected to the computer

(3) open the phone assistant software, waiting for the software to automatically install the driver, and automatically to the mobile phone installation assistant software. After installation can access the phone data:

① first click 'my phone', then click 'external SD card'. As shown below:

② into the 'file management' interface, where you can access and manage the built-in storage space, external sd card file, find the video file you need, right click on the file, select 'export' to the computer. As shown below:

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