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simple backup sync softwareMeizu provides a variety of mobile phone backup data, you can according to their own needs to backup ~

First, Flyme account backup information Please note:

1, first of all, need to have an account, click on the registration Flyme account it;

2, then, the phone connected to the network (WIFI or mobile traffic data network can be), open the phone desktop 'Settings', click on the left side of the 'account', enter the above registered account and password;

3, and finally, login Flyme account to open the 'data and synchronization', the first 'automatic synchronization' to open, then the need to synchronize the following items are checked on the follow-up Flyme account will automatically back up, you can view the following figure The

Second, Flyme OS 4.1.5A or more new local backup mobile phone data function ~

1, open the phone settings - on the phone - storage - backup mobile phone data;

2, open the 'backup and recovery' interface, the interface will be the history of the backup sort by time to sort out, to facilitate the recovery of data again, as shown in Figure 1;

3, in the 'system settings' and 'application outlook backup sync software and data' two backup options users can also choose again, where exactly which, which several applications to backup, as shown in Figure 2;

4, select OK, the phone automatically enter the localized backup. (The backup data, the system automatically increases the 'Blackup' folder, for security reasons, can directly copy the data to the PC.)

Local backup function backup file is saved to the phone storage disk, for formatting the storage disk, you need to first transfer the backup file to the phone or other storage space. Due to platform hardware permissions, resulting in MX2, MX3, MX4 Pro these three models can not backup the application app data.

Note: Local backup is to backup data on the phone storage disk, the backup is successful after the operation to clear the data, but the operation formatted storage disk will clear the backup data.

figure 1:

Data backup, please click 'Backup Now' to enter the backup selection page, the user can choose to need to backup options; special attention to the 'application and data' backup the work, backup the option, the phone game and WeChat and other software records are Can be restored.

figure 2:

Third, if you do not want to flyme synchronization or local backup, you can also connect the phone to the computer, through third-party software for synchronous backup, for example: pea pods, 360 mobile assistant.

Such as through third-party software backup, first mobile phone settings -> Accessibility -> Developer Options -> USB debugging open, and then connected to the computer, the connection is successful, click Backup and restore to backup!

Fourth, the desktop application software can be backed up by Flyme account, record the desktop application software icon location and record the name of the installed application software!

Open mode can be in the latest system to enter the application center -> set -> WLAN automatically back up the desktop. This feature is limited to use under the WLAN, and backup application files and desktop layout, do not backup software usage data and records Oh.

In addition, you can also enter the settings -> on the phone -> storage -> backup mobile phone data, mobile phone data, application data, albums and other backup phone storage disk!

V. Yunos System Synchronization Mobile Information This synchronization feature is only available on machines in the MX4 Yunos version of the system.

Yunos system synchronization can be in the phone settings -> account -> add account - u0026 gt; YunOS to add, after the success of the login, you can synchronize contacts, text messages, contacts.

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