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Use A6 Financial Software How To Backup- Is The Automatic Backup

Aerospace Information A6 financial software set of books can be set up automatic backup, you can also manually backup, the specific settings and backup operations are as follows:

Take Aerospace Information A6v6.0 as an example

1, into the A / C set management

Click on the desktop 'A / C Set Management' icon to enter the A / C set management interface (such as the desktop without A / C set management icon, you can enter the 'Start menu - program - Aerospace Information A6 - System Services - A / C Set'), enter the default user name: init password: system; login;

2, backup settings

Click the 'set' button, set the time to backup; backup path; backup to save the number of days, and can set the manual backup of the save path; set to save.

A. Automatic backup: set the backup real time sync two folders as long as the computer did not close, the system will automatically back up a set of books in the background and stored in the set path, without human intervention.

B. Manual backup: into the A / C set management, select the need to back up the A / C set, click the 'backup' button, you can manually back up a set of books and stored in the set path.


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