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Using The Bat Batch Call Exp- Imp Automatically Oracle Database User Data Synchronization

Companies sync real time free need to do the data set, a district need to establish a fully synchronized with the production library library, as far as possible to reduce the impact on the performance of the production library, the frequency of synchronization once a day.

Production library environment: Linux under the 64-bit Oracle 11G

Target library environment: win 2003, Oracle 10G

Check the information, Oracle has a high-level replication and Stream to achieve database synchronization, but the configuration is more complex, and the database needs archiving model, a greater impact on performance. Decided to use the Exp, imp derived import function to achieve synchronization. In 2003, use the At command to create a scheduled task that performs Bat batches at 1 pm every night:

Where SynchronizeData.bat reads:


start / b / wait sqlplus system / manager @ work @ DropAndCreateUser.sql To execute the build user script, the content of this sql script is

The above batch script and sql script must be placed under the same directory

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