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360 Cloud How To Get Experience To Upgrade

real time sync windows 8360 cloud disk to obtain experience to upgrade the method: the user can 'daily tasks' to get experience, the current tasks include: through the web / client / mobile phone login 360 disk. Each task will receive different scores of experience, experience will continue to accumulate, to a certain value will be upgraded after the level.

360 cloud is the odd tiger 360 technology to share the cloud storage service products. For the majority of ordinary Internet users to provide a large storage capacity, free, secure, portable, stable cross-platform file storage, backup, delivery and sharing services. 360 cloud for each user to provide 36G free initial capacity space, 360 cloud maximum ceiling is no limit.

360 cloud for each user to provide 18G free initial capacity space, through simple tasks and lucky draw can be expanded to 36G or more, enough to store your 30,000 work documents, 6000 precious photos or more than 9,000 pop songs to meet the daily need. Through the cloud disk version of the page to upload a single file limit of 200MB, if you need to upload a larger file to the cloud disk, it is recommended to install the use of cloud disk client sync software real time to support the upload of a single size of 5G or less files.

360 cloud disk in addition to providing the most basic file upload and download services, but also provide real-time file backup function, just put the file into the 360 ​​disk directory, 360 disk program will automatically upload these files to 360 cloud cloud storage service center , While in other computer login cloud disk automatically synchronized download to the new computer, to achieve multiple computer file synchronization.

360 cloud disk in addition to a web version, PC version, but also increased the iPhone version with the Andrews version of the 360 ​​cloud mobile phone side, 360 disk iPhone version has been officially logged in APPSTORE. iPhone users can go to APPSTORE download. Andrews users can also go to 360 mobile assistant inside to download and install 360 cloud Andrews version.

360 cloud disk is the odd tiger 360 company launched online cloud storage software. No need, 360 cloud can make photos, documents, music, video, software, applications and other content, anytime, anywhere at your fingertips, never lost.

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