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How To Andrews System Phone Screen Real-time Synchronization Display On The Computer (including Wireless And USB Cable With DLNA)

Method 2 (using the phone's own DLNA wireless connection)

First of all, to achieve the function must be in the WINDOWS system on the following settings: 1, click on the [Control Panel] inside the [management tools]

2, click the [management tool] inside the [service] 3, start the two system services, namely 'SSDP Discovery' and 'Windows Media Player NetworkSharing Service'

4, start the service, go to the [control panel] inside the [network and sharing center]

5, click on the left side of the [change the advanced sharing settings]

6, enable network discovery, enable file and printer sharing, enable public file sharing, enable media flow, if not start click [media flow options]

7, enable the media stream

8, click 'all allow' -> click 'OK'

At this point, the media stream is already open and the settings required in the control panel are complete

Mobile phone through the DLNA protocol default access is the computer WindowsMedia Player inside the music, video and pictures and other resources, WindowsMedia Player settings are as follows:

1, click [Start Menu] -> [All Programs] -> Windows Media Player

If the initial state is not used, select 'Recommended settings'

Click 'Go to library'

2, select the 'media stream' in the 'allow remote control of my player'

At this time, Windows Media Player resources set up

1, to mobile phone Andriod version 4.0.4, for example, to ensure that the WLAN open after opening the built-in DLNA program

2, add the phone to share the file

At this time, you can see the phone on the shared file

If you like a small version of the low version of the 2.3 Android system to view the phone on the phone to view the media as an example (4.0 version of the high version of the computer can be directly on the other media library to access the phone's media resources and no longer Mobile phone on any operation), the operation is as follows: 1, open the computer on the Windows Media Player2, click on the phone 【album】

3, click on the phone 【MENU】 select the player

4, select the computer on the Windows Media Player player

5, in the phone click to play, the computer's Windows Media Player will automatically display the phone on the picture

Note: Although the use of DLNA than the use of MirrorOp software to see more smooth video, but do not know if the DLNA protocol allows the format is limited, there are many RMVB format movies can not watch (small G many movies are this format ah T_T) Can only watch AVI, WMA, MP4 and the like allowed limited format

I heard that WindowsXP because the lack of system components so can not directly use DLNA, but can be installed by third-party software to achieve

In the use of DLNA through the computer above the player to play resources, want to use the phone MirrorOp Sender even the computer will be wrong

The following configuration instructions are required to use the following synchronization display connection method (although the phone does not need ROOT and does not need to install the software on the phone, but need USB wired connection)

Tip: If the current backup computer usb has been installed 'jdk-7u40-windows-i586.exe', you can skip

Open the page at

Click the icon in the screenshot

Click 'Accept License Agreement' to agree to the terms

Special Note:

If you do not know if your system is 32-bit or 64-bit before downloading, you can follow the steps below: 1. Click on the system's Start menu 2, click Run. 3, in the open window, type cmd 'And click' OK '

4, in the open window, enter 'systeminfo', press the Enter key

5, pull the scroll bar, find the 'system type' this one, as shown

If it is 32-bit, it will show X86 if it is 64-bit, will display X64

Download the screenshot marked 'jdk-7u40-windows-i586.exe'

Install the program after downloading


Tip: If the current computer has 'adt-bundle-windows-x86', you can skip

Open the page

Click to download the Android SDK

After downloading the extract, you will get a named '' compressed package

Unzip the folder 'adt-bundle-windows-x86'

, With the current administrator rights to run the program 'SDK Manager.exe'

After opening the program, install the two files as shown below

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