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Prove The Importance Of Remote Data Backup 911 Events

Data backup or more commonly used, so I studied the remote data backup, here to take out and share with you, we hope to be useful. With the deepening of the reform of the industry, the data gradually to the city companies to focus on business operations, government management for information systems and core data dependence is also increasing, how to protect the core data security is particularly important, I believe a lot Units have achieved a local disk and tape dual backup, a good guarantee of the core data security management.

But the local backup will generally keep the data in the engine room, when the local physical environment as a whole physical environment has been destroyed, such as fire and other accidents, the data may also be damaged. The US '911' event has allowed many companies' business information to be destroyed in an instant to prove the importance of remote data backup, but it is very expensive to build a complete remote backup system that supports real-time data recovery.

This article combined with the actual work, make full use of the county company room in the existing storage conditions, with oracle automatic backup and ftp automatic transmission technology to achieve the core of the Oracle database remote remote backup, when the local room physical environment was destroyed, the largest Limit the protection of our data.

First, the design ideas

The current support Shaoxing tobacco marketing, call, monopoly, finance, OA and other core systems are mainly TradeCtr, QueryCtr, JTCW, OA four Oracle database, running on two HP8420 minicomputer, each database backup is about 30G or so, Taking into account the next two years, the data growth may reach 50-60G or so.

Shaoxing Tobacco under the four county companies, each company has full storage space, the actual network bandwidth available are 6Mbit / s or so, to complete a backup file data transfer takes about 10-20 hours, taking into account the network bandwidth, Transmission time and working hours on business operations, we will be data backup and remote transmission on Saturday, each unit corresponds to a database for remote backup, backup cycle for the weekly, every Saturday afternoon. Backup mainly used in the database export, ftp automatic backup software over network transmission, HPUNIX timing operations and other technologies, the following financial database JTCW as an example to illustrate the specific implementation.

Second, export the database

The export command backs up the data in the database into a binary file, which typically has three modes: user mode, table schema, and the entire database schema. This article intends to use the user mode, before the backup, you should first create a backup directory to accommodate the backup file in the machine, such as a / localbak directory can be built. The above describes the remote data backup.

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