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How Does The Computer Control The Phone With The Mouse?

1. First, copying files software free download the PC-side application Total_Control_5.0.0_Install.exe (official website: http: //, install the program.

2. Start the program, connect the phone and the computer via USB (click on the new device wizard, follow the prompts, step by step: install the phone driver, and then turn on USB debugging).

PC-side client will automatically push the corresponding apk to the phone, you need to install the apk.

3. When configured, the following interface, you can connect.

4. After connecting, you can see the phone on the pc screen.

Total Control supports mobile phone screen motion picture high-speed real-time monitoring, mobile phone touch screen and key control. You can use the PC to watch mobile video, you can use the PC to operate mobile phone editing documents to send text messages, you can use the projector to display mobile phones and applications, the phone screen can be recorded playback.

u0026 nbsp; Computer screen up to 40 frames per second for perfect sync control.

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