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FileGee | FileGee (Personal File Synchronization Backup System)

FileGee (personal file synchronization backup system) is a good file synchronization and backup software. It sets the file backup, synchronization, encryption, split in one. To help individual users to achieve between hard drives, hard drives and mobile storage devices between the backup and synchronization. Powerful fault tolerance and detailed log, progress display, but also to ensure the reliability of the backup, synchronization. Efficient and stable, take up the characteristics of less resources, fully meet the needs of users. Do not need additional hardware resources, will be able to build a powerful, efficient and stable automatic backup environment, is a very cost-effective choice.

Personal version is provided to individual users in the home computer to use, between hard drives, hard drives and mobile storage devices between the backup and synchronization. Personal file synchronization backup system 'is a very good file synchronization and backup software, personal version of the free, it set the file backup, synchronization, encryption, split in one to help individual users between hard drives, hard drives and mobile storage devices Backup and sync.

Some people say that there is any egg, in fact, you did not understand the formal use of synchronous backup, if you want to back up the data and more complex, such as QQ's overall chat, the old way is packaged into a file (some backup software) , Record more than a few minutes to restore the terrible, or the kind of silly whole pieces of broken pieces of all the small copy of a copy, and so the second time and silly again, during the period if something wrong, have to delete Come back and trouble. And synchronous backup software set up a good correlation, a key to solve the problem, but also incremental backup, greatly reducing the cumbersome.

Professional backup sync

File automatic backup synchronization: local memory, LAN share directory, ftp server, network disk

Support for rich storage media: hard disk, USB memory, FTP space, specific network disk (multi-user version temporarily support)

User-friendly interface layout, clear function, simple operation, guided design simplifies the user operation

Can be long-term continuous automatic backup synchronization work, absolutely stable, do not need to have manual intervention

Multiple execution modes

One-way synchronization, two-way synchronization, incremental backup, full backup and other types of files automatically synchronized and backup

Independent multi-task mode, you can simultaneously on a number of different folders for different backup and synchronization operations

Tasks can be associated with the implementation of the relevant tasks can be specified between the order of its implementation

Can be real-time monitoring of USB removable storage devices, when the mobile storage device is automatically inserted when the backup or synchronization

Smart Setup Plan

Smart incremental backup and restore functionality that can restore the same directory structure and files as the source directory at each execution

Independent incremental backup and recovery tool that can be in any one does not install the software on the computer for file recovery

For a shared network path that requires permission, you can save the user name and password auto-authentication

Rich timetable program, support for monthly, weekly, day-to-day planning mode

Safe anti-misuse operation

With the task to perform preview function, analysis of the task will be carried out by the file operation, to avoid misuse

Powerful fault-tolerant function, the task of the operation of the error automatically recorded, automatically retry, to ensure that a file is not missing

FTP support SSL and other security authentication, enhanced data transmission security and reliability

You can use a common zip format to compress or synchronize files and set password protection

Support Unicode, can be a variety of language character set file name to deal with, to prevent garbled

Efficient use of resources

Provide a variety of ways to automatically delete too many backup files and logs, so that both the backup of the useful data is not a waste of storage space

Efficient use of system resources, you can back up or synchronize large-scale folders

The implementation of the task can be stopped at any time, has been backed up the file will automatically record, the next implementation will not repeat the backup

FTP support multi-threaded upload and download, take full advantage of network bandwidth, fast file transfer operation

FTP support HTTP, to avoid duplication of transmission, and fully save network resources

More advanced settings

On the database and other documents to implement a hot backup, you can read the program is being opened by other programs

Provide a variety of file filtering, you can operate on the file to selectively filter or file name fuzzy matching filter,

Support the command line to start the task, you can start the software in the software backup or synchronization tasks

Support the implementation of the task before and after the implementation of the command line, to complete the relevant operations outside the software

With the use of tools

The use of large space Email file backup, large files can also be divided into multiple messages in the message

Provides separate file partitioning and merging tools that allow you to integrate files that are saved to your mailbox

You can set up a proxy server to access the FTP server for file synchronization and backup

Detailed implementation of the log, a detailed record of each task execution, all the operation of the file and operating results

Clear task progress display, you can always track the progress of the task and the possible problems

Multi-user version exclusive

Can work as a system service, without having to log in to the operating system, completely hidden in the background work

Provide hidden client, administrators can silently through the server side of the multi-employee computer for automatic backup

Private cloud storage (original internal channel) with file transfer between server and client, without having to transfer files via FTP or shared path

Specialized after-sales technical commissioner, at any time for you to solve the file automatic backup software external hard drive backup software used in the problems encountered

First of all, we need to backup the file to create a new backup task, in the main interface, click 'New Task', and then start the task settings.

First choose the implementation mode, FileGee provides a variety of backup synchronization mode, you can choose according to actual needs, and then enter the name of the task.

Then, in the second and third steps, respectively, set the source target directory and target directory. If you click 'Finish' the most simple backup task is set up.

Of course, we can also click 'next' to continue to set, set the file filter, scheduled backup, 'general options' and 'advanced options' and so on, these settings vary by task, and finally click 'Finish'.

After the task is set, click 'Execute' to start the backup task. In the progress of the task can clearly see the progress of the task and the implementation of the problem, the implementation of the log in detail the record of each task when the operation and operation of all the results.

After the backup is complete, if the data is damaged, need to use the backup file, then we use FileGee to restore the file.

Select the backup task, and then click 'File Recovery', select the file you want to restore, not to be ticked the file will be filtered out, click 'Next', select the recovery file to save the path, and then click 'Finish' waiting for recovery

Personal version of the function relative to the enterprise version, the following restrictions: Personal Edition does not support Ftp, Enterprise Edition support

Personal Edition does not support network sharing path, Enterprise Edition support

Personal Edition does not support network-mapped drives, Enterprise Edition support

Personal version does not support system services work, Enterprise Edition support

Personal Edition does not support forced replication hot backup, Enterprise Edition support

Personal Edition does not support tasks before and after the implementation of the order, Enterprise Edition support

Personal Edition does not support command-line startup tasks, Enterprise Edition support

Personal Edition does not support proxy server, Enterprise Edition support

Personal version supports up to 8 tasks, Enterprise Edition has no limit on the number of tasks

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