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How To Retrieve The Backup Project File?

Solution 1: Open the software, in the software above the toolbar has a system --- retrieve the historical project, and then find the required works after the mouse right click to save the historical project to ..., save to the desktop, go to the desktop to open The

automatic backup and recovery softwareSolution 2: Open my document on the desktop or open the computer --- library --- document --- GrandSoft Projects --- GBQ4 --- Bak folder, find the required project files copied to the desktop, right rename delete Suffix .bak can be.

Note: If you do not display the suffix name, click the tool --- Folder Options --- View - remove [hide the known file type extension] of the hook, you can display the suffix name.

Solution 3: If you use the Guangda G + workstations, the project has been automatically backed up in the file bodyguard by date to find the accident to delete the project.

Note: 1. No save is not back to the microsoft real time backup.

2. Redo the system, if you do not modify the default path, you can not find it.

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