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Android Brush QQ Synchronization Assistant To Restore Mobile Phone Information Raiders

best free backup and sync softwareAndroid phone hot mess. Walking in the street, sitting in the subway, and even on the toilet you will see someone in the use of Android phones. The Android phone's greatest pleasure is open, with a variety of ROM, so that players can enjoy the brush machine.

But after the brush machine will encounter mobile phone contacts recovery, mobile phone software to restore the problem, in particular, some players installed dozens of Android applications, once the brush machine these applications are gone without a trace, and then one by one from the electronic market back It is not easy, how to ensure that after the brush machine installed a lot of mobile phone applications to the phone?

Next, Xiaobian told the players to ensure that after the brush machine to apply the full recovery steps:

The first step, brush machine, install QQ synchronization assistant.

First installed QQ synchronization assistant (official download address: http: //, through the mobile phone number and QQ account login, you can phone contacts, important text messages, browser bookmarks and software on the phone all backup To the network, the larger commonly used software to support the powerful cloud microsoft backup sync software function, greatly reducing the upload traffic and reduce the backup time. It is recommended to back up in a WIFI environment because it is faster and does not require excessive consideration of traffic costs.

Brush, immediately install the QQ mobile phone housekeeper (official download address: The software is currently the most powerful mobile phone security management software, you can always protect the phone security, anti-virus at the same time, support software download function, is the Android phone prerequisite software. QQ mobile phone housekeeper installed the purpose is to refresh the phone for the first time to provide security at the same time, you can also from its 'software game' module to download QQ synchronization assistant.

In the software game, search for 'QQ synchronization assistant', QQ synchronization assistant to download to the phone and complete the installation and login account. Then entered the phone contacts, text messages, browser bookmarks and mobile phone software recovery.

The fourth step, for the new brush mobile phone to do contact, SMS and software recovery.

It is recommended in the WIFI network environment, open the QQ synchronization assistant and complete the login (with the first step in the account to keep in line), and then use the 'recovery address book' will be the first step to restore the phone contacts to restore to the new phone; Through the 'information' to find 'SMS' will be important SMS also returned to the phone; then 'software' to find 'recovery software', you can all the previous backup of all mobile phone applications to restore the new brush phone.

The fifth step, the use of QQ mobile phone housekeeper update mobile phone applications.

After the completion of the software recovery, some applications may have upgraded version, then open the QQ phone housekeeper, see 'my software' - 'software update', and then update the application can be.

Thus, through the above five steps with the use of QQ synchronization assistant, QQ mobile phone housekeeper this two software, you can easily complete the brush machine after the mobile phone data recovery work, the whole process is very simple, and significant savings in traffic and player time. In addition to the brush when you can use this trick to restore the phone, the phone to restore the factory settings, replace the new phone can use Oh!

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