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Qq Synchronization Assistant Address Book Recovery Will Overwrite The Original Phone Book

First open will allow users to synchronize for the first time, the first time you can choose to synchronize three modes, the cloud shall prevail, the phone shall prevail. After each synchronization is intelligent synchronization, will no longer have this option. Will be subject to the latest changes. Is just modified End of the cloud, point synchronization, it will sync down the phone. Just modified the phone, point synchronization, it will be synchronized to the cloud.

storage sync backup softwareLog in to to provide two ways to restore:

1, the Recycle Bin to find the wrong contact business card, click the 'Restore' button to restore to the cloud address book.

If you want the mobile phone side is also consistent to restore, then the phone side to enable mobile QQ synchronization assistant, select [only change the contact], you can accidentally delete the business card back.

If the iphone users, download and install QQ synchronization assistant 2.0 'a key synchronization' version, to provide mobile phone side of the machine to restore and recycle bin restore, you can also accidentally deleted people to restore. After the restore, click on a button to synchronize the button, the cloud will be consistent to restore.

2, you can use the time machine, select a previous best backup sync software windows 7 status, click [start through it], and select a address book status, click on its corresponding [restore] button, you can take the time machine, restore your address book to The status of the selected point in time.

If you want the phone to return to this state, then enable mobile QQ synchronization assistant at this time, select [only change the contact], so the phone address book also take the time machine back friends.

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