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Free Andrews Mobile Game Andrews Synchronization Software Download Lenovo Music Synchronization Official Version

This is the best use of Android (Andrews) mobile phone synchronization download Lenovo music synchronization official version

sync vs backup softwareLenovo music synchronization for Android This PC is a real Andrews mobile management software integrated Lenovo music synchronization software features and functions, can help users quickly and easily manage mobile phone data, photos and video materials such as the rapid export of multimedia files and backup is natural In addition, we can easily and easily put pictures and videos on your computer (via transcoding) into your phone. Come together for a moment!

1.8.4 Official Edition December 24, 2012

1, add Android S3 \ NOTE2 and other models of the Root support, root sharing, Root can be more powerful

2. Upgrade application installer for Andrews mobile phone synchronization, easy to transfer music \ video \ pictures and other resources to be mobile phone

3. The use of intelligent installation mechanism, the use of more worry-free device

4. Photo, music, video management add Ctrl + C, Ctrl + V keyboard shortcuts operation, resource management more convenient

5. Effective identification of the scale SD card and expand the SD card, the storage area is more clear

6. Warm debut Christmas skin, wish Christmas

First of all, a key root bear the brunt, no words.

My Huawei C8800 is always root trouble, read the tutorial, please too big god, and even reward grid seeking root, are not resolved, did not think Lenovo can help me to solve this problem, praised!

The second point, Andrews mobile phone backup backup.

This do not have to say, maybe you do not care today, however, when your information is lost, you will regret it will regret, so do not hesitate, and quickly back up it.

The third point, Andrews mobile phone synchronization application moving

This effect on some of the original body memory is not large, lost a lot of applications installed in the fuselage memory friends is a good gospel, a key to move, special convenience.

The fourth point, Andrews phone synchronization number attribution to question

When necessary, very convenient, on the mosaic map, mobile phone traffic monitoring.

Fifth, Andrews mobile phone contacts contact spread

Sixth point, Andrews synchronization software application insurance testing

Recently online burst too much malicious software, smoking software, peace is still the most important.

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